Month: January 2017

Intramural Sports – Education or Indoctrination

Intramurals sports are recreational sports organized with institution, usually an educational one or set in a geographic area. So, it’s hard not to notice that just about every 30-40-year-old parent has their kids in some form of intramural sports program at the local school. In a way, it appears almost every kid has some sort of after school activity program. Having no kids of my own, and thinking back to my childhood, it occurred to me that although our generation had sports in school, it wasn’t the all-consuming event it is today. In the first place, our family was...

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Free Trial Membership

Visit the front desk for a Free Three-Day Pass! This trial membership is available to San Diego residents who are first time non-members, or guests of current members. Trial memberships include club access and unlimited classes. For more information, contact

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