Sweathaus Health & Fitness

Sweathaus Health & Fitness is San Diego’s Premier Health and Fitness Center. We are the first and only Health & Fitness Center of its kind. We have created a facility where you can participate and excel while you set and achieve goals in an environment that’s positive and inspiring. We provide top-tier health and fitness related services, amenities, and resources to our clients that include:

• Innovative and unique group programming
• Heated Yoga and Sculpt
• Advanced strength training equipment
• Physical rehabilitation
• Massage and rejuvenation therapy
• Sports performance training
• Customized one on one personal training
• Onsite Playcare
Our 25,000 sq ft facility is designed with a flow of activities and training sections that meld with one another rather than conflict. In a bright, open and contemporary design space, we provide an atmosphere that ranges from intense and exhilarating (during the physical and mental exertion stage) to meditative and relaxing (during the cool down and rejuvenation stage).

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