Power BOX

Category: Conditioining | Duration: 23 minutes | Calories: 600

  • Intensity 90%

Learn fundamental skills of punching while getting a high intensity workout and training your hand eye coordination. Power BOX is the perfect environment to burn calories while you learn self-defense.

*Boxing gloves are required. Sign up for a class now!

Power MMA

Category: Conditioning | Duration: 23 minutes | Calories: 600

  • Intensity 90%

In this class you will learn the diversity of the martial arts, from striking, throwing, to ground fighting. You will train your body to be well versed in the multiple arts while getting a high intense workout. Learn powerful martial arts techniques for self-defense while shredding a ton of calories.

*Boxing gloves are required. Sign up for a class now!

Kettle Strength

Category: Strength | Duration: 23 minutes | Calories: 350

  • Intensity 80%

This full body group training class combines strength, flexibility and endurance all in one. Through the blending of primal movements, kettlebell lifts, and bodyweight holds, you will burn fat, build strength, and become a more functional and balanced source of life! Sign up for a class now!

Category: Conditioning | Duration: 23 minutes | Calories: 300

  • Intensity 100%

Experience the power of an H.I.I.T. class in its purest form. No tools required, just your bodyweight and the effort you bring to the table. This 30 minute class will fire up your metabolism so your body burns more calories throughout the day getting you maximum results in minimal time! Sign up for a class now!


Category: Conditioning | Duration: 23 minutes | Calories: 650

  • Intensity 100%

What do you get when you mix a warm room with a crazy nonstop workout? You get SWEATSTERIA!!! This high intensity endurance-based workout is set to body moving beats and 90 degree temp! We incorporate explosive plyometric movements, H.I.I.T., dumbbells, TRX and your body to dramatically tone and define muscles all while improving core strength, balance and flexibility.

WARNING! As you push yourself to the limit you may feel the overwhelming urge to:

  1. Scream at the top of your lungs
  2. Give your instructor the evil eye
  3. Flip your instructor the bird
  4. Weep like a newborn baby

SWEATSTERIA!!! is not meant to diagnose, treat or cure the normality’s of life, boredom, your everyday workout routine, or ED (exercise dullness)….But it will! Consult a friend if your workout high lasts longer than your normal workout high. *Shoes Required. Sign up for a class now!

Cardio Sculpt

Category: Conditioning | Duration: 23 minutes | Calories: 400

  • Intensity 65%

This high energy fat burning extravaganza will have you begging for mercy as you run, jump, spin, and shred your body into a lean, mean, sculpted machine!  With a combination of cardio, functional equipment, bodyweight exercises and plyometric movements, this class is sure to leave you feeling quite accomplished! Sign up for a class now!

Sweat Cycle

Category: Cardio | Duration: 23 minutes | Calories: 500

  • Intensity 80%

This motivating cycling experience is guaranteed to give you a fun and intense calorie burning workout that will challenge any level of rider. *Spin shoes recommended. Sign up for a class now!


Category: Conditioning | Duration: 23 minutes | Calories: 500

  • Intensity 70%

Ride Row & TRX is a unique class that brings interval training to another level with a combination of indoor cycling, Concept2 rowing machines and bodyweight training with the TRX.  You will receive a great cardiovascular and total body workout that gives a triple threat for maximum fat burning!

*Spin shoes are not required. Sign up for a class now!

Power Haus

Category: Strength | Duration: 23 minutes | Calories: 400

  • Intensity 65%

This class focuses on teaching fundamental weight lifting exercises and movements needed to develop and increase overall strength and speed. Through proper mechanics, form, and alignment this class will give you the tools and knowledge to take your workouts to new heights! Sign up for a class now!


Category: Conditioining | Duration: 23 minutes | Calories: 600

  • Intensity 90%

This high intensity interval training class is designed for members of all levels.  Power INTERVAL involves short bursts of high intensity, which has superior aerobic and anaerobic benefits compared to longer moderate intensity training.  If you are looking to lose weight and reduce fat, while increase your overall athletic abilities, this class is for you! Sign up for a class now!

Youth Performance

Category: Conditioining | Duration: 23 minutes | Calories: 450

  • Intensity 60%

This class is for kids 13 to 17 years of age. Youth Performance focuses on agility and coordination used in a variety of sports. Young athletes will learn proper warm-up, dynamic stretches, athletic movements and drills to improve overall athleticism. Sign up for a class now!