What is Martial Arts? (You ma’am there in the back…) Martial Arts is a codified system and the tradition of combat practices, which are expressed for several reasons; mainly self-defense but can often be used for offensive purposes.

The Art can be practiced through various forms such as striking: Muay Thai, Kickboxing, Boxing, Karate, Taekwondo; Grappling: Judo, Jiu Jitsu, Wrestling, Sambo. These arts, together, train the mind and body simultaneously to allow the human physique to achieve the optimal form of physical activity. Training Martial Arts will not only enhance your physical abilities but also cognitive functions. Allowing you to improve your life in more ways you never thought possible.

For those of you that are new to Martial Arts, this form of training has changed a lot of people, and for me it has changed my entire life. As a young adolescent, I struggled with my life direction. Martial arts not only gave me the discipline I needed but it also trained the way I approach problems in life. Steering me in a positive direction, giving me the confidence to defend myself -if needed- and understanding my body in a way I never would have known otherwise. The intense focus and rigorous training I go through sharpens my physical attributes and body kinesthetic. This allows an easier transition into other physical activities and sports. Using what I learned in Martial Arts, has helped me engage in various other exercises like football, basketball, weightlifting, as well as more cognitive centered practices like memorization and speech giving.

I have learned so much during my journey with this art, in every stage of the process, martial arts has shaped my life path and taught me lessons both in and out of the ring. I will chronicle each of my martial arts events, my thoughts on the process, and mostly how it transverses into unforeseen lessons I never thought I would discover. From learning time management skills during my championship fight in Thailand, to learning how to utilize “chances” in every aspect of my life, on and off the mat, something I would never would have learned had I not competed in Judo. The lessons I learned are vast and I hope to share the beauty that is martial arts with you, in hopes that—like me—it’ll change your life as well.