Intramurals sports are recreational sports organized with institution, usually an educational one or set in a geographic area. So, it’s hard not to notice that just about every 30-40-year-old parent has their kids in some form of intramural sports program at the local school. In a way, it appears almost every kid has some sort of after school activity program.

Having no kids of my own, and thinking back to my childhood, it occurred to me that although our generation had sports in school, it wasn’t the all-consuming event it is today. In the first place, our family was a Section 8, government cheese, poor, but living in California, you still had access to good schools; even so, fewer kids participated in sports.  After school events had to do more with hanging out with the kids on your block, etc.

Let’s get past the fact that we also weren’t raised by electronic devices, and stay focused on intramural sports though; ‘being raised by electronic devices’ can be the topic for our next conversation.

Recently, I visited what’s left of my family, in what used to be the Great Commonwealth of Virginia. My cousin, who has two daughters ages nine and twelve, have them ‘enlisted’ in team sports. Since he was raised on them he believes these activities are somehow beneficial for his children.

As with anything, most well intended things in life can be detrimental to your health if not done in balance. The adage, nothing to excess is one thought. The second is people projecting their hopes and fears on others, even their kids, which ultimately leads to the side-line parents who somehow end up living vicariously through their kids… possibly.

Keep in mind, I’m not sure what goes on in the minds of people like my cousin, or other parents like him.  My concern is whether any of them understand what’s going on either. Only difference between myself and these types of parents, is that I’m not having my thought experiments impact the lives of my kids, because I don’t have any.

At the Sweathaus Health and Fitness Facility, we started off working in the field of psychology and neurosciences, through a collage of mine, using brain mapping and computer generated programs in conjunction with standard comprehension tests to diagnose and ultimately treat different to brain related ‘abnormalities’.

Having been diagnosed with Traumatic Brain Injury myself through military and other Government related service over a 20 plus year period, I have been in and out of ‘Two-North’ at the Veterans Administration in San Diego since my early 20’s. Two-North is the wing of the hospital that deals with people that suffer from various mental related issues connected primarily to their service on active duty in the military.

Not too crazy with years of misdiagnoses, and now primitive treatments, I can’t say two-north did a hell of a lot to help me. The good news was, I kept working in special operations for the government for a long time after my separation from active duty, and as such, could basically maintain the ‘high’ associated with working in and around combat environments, thus keeping the body’s adrenaline and such, very fucking high.

How does this tie into kids and intramural sports? Simple. Competition, no matter the form, produces adrenaline. In the human brain, the primary development, or most formative years, are said to be between the ages of 0-7. From there, big changes hit again at puberty, with a rush of hormones to kick whatever’s already going on into high gear. And from there, things are debatable all the way up until year 25, when most neurologists, and the insurance industry agree that the frontal lobes of the brain form completely, those areas responsible to controlling the reactive, mammalian, most primitive part of your brain.

Problem I see is this, and it happened to me at 4 years old with wrestling… kids are being exposed to competitive, reactive, repetitive programming at an age where their brains haven’t even fully formed synapses in complete brain cells; look it up.

This is the monkey see, monkey do stage, and rather than having children understand a ‘normal’ family nucleus that our ancestors would have known, we’re making Spartans out of them. Just like anything we do, when we disrupt, at the cellular level, the natural order of human development with our ‘fad’, artificial societal grouping techniques, we permanently disrupt the overall development of that child’s brain.

In regards to sports, the monkey isn’t bonding with its troop, or family, its bonding with dissidents from other troops, belonging to other village idiots that knowingly separated things young out of the primary circle, the family circle, and substituted that needed and nurturing environment to stress and competition, under the guise of a ‘surrogate’ parental substitute. Let the fucking coach, who may or may not know what he or she’s doing in the sport, much less have a degree in human psychology, raise my kids and provide them life’s lessons after school, it’s like a great built in babysitter who helps for the essence of my child’s brain.

Mutated socialization patterns, forced and coerced repetitive behavior drills, repeated exposure to stress and duress at an age where nurturing and protection from adversity is the natural order, and what your left with is your own little, stay at home version of a Circus Elephant or Killer Whale School.

Years later, while we were mapping the brain patterns of numerous twenty-something professional athletes, we discovered there was no such thing as a late teen, early twenties athlete moving into the professional arena that didn’t suffer from what the retail press refers to as Post Traumatic Stress Disorder, or PTSD.

This being a short intro to intramural sports, I wanted to share some basic thoughts. This is obviously a hot topic that very few idiots in society, and they’re mostly idiots, grasp at any level. The latest coined term, PTSD, is simply a term that describes a brain that was exposed to, too much, too fast, or in this case too young, for too long.

If you like where this is going, you might have a brain and enough intellectual curiosity to learn more as this topic moves on. No one in the mainstream, or retail media, as I like to call it, either understands it, or what causes it, much less, what to do about it. That all having been said, we’re going to break it down for you like you’re a five-year-old whose parents didn’t blow up too much of their grey matter that they can’t follow or give a shit bout what we’re about to expose you too. So, it you don’t already have PTSD, you most likely will when you’re done reading or following what I must say on this.

In the short run, get your kids back home and ‘learn’ them yourselves rather than patch them off to the Reich sponsored surrogates you poor dumb bastards while you still have a connection left with them, or you may find yourselves being farmed off to that real cool nursing home when you’re older where ‘surrogate caretakers’ will looking out for you.