“Lose 10 pounds by this weekend!” the magazine cover, flared by a famous TV actress, blasted as I sort-of-patiently waited recently at my grocery line checkout.

That’s when I felt flabbergasted and started counting the hyperbolic claims.

I get it: Magazines love to grab your attention (and preferably your hard-earned money) with such headlines, but far too often the hype and hoopla fade as those promises deflate faster than a helium balloon.

I have a simple, decidedly un-radical solution for 2016: Let’s get back to basics.

I’m talking concrete, effective strategies to sustain you to the finish line far after everyone else’s resolutions fade.

Let’s agree: Rather than radical, impossible-to-maintain ideas that never come into fruition, we’ll employ these 14 ground rules to lose fat and keep it off.

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