HAUS of Barre

Category: Cardio | Duration: 23 minutes | Calories: 100-200 | Yoga Level: Beginner to All | Heat Level: None 

  • Intensity 50%

This one hour energizing athletic-based workout, is designed to tighten and tone your glutes, strengthen and lengthen your hamstrings, minimize your thighs and define your abdominal muscles. Utilizing the ballet barre as a prop and center floor work, other equipment such as weighted balls, resistance bands, light weights, and gliders may be used to target other areas.  Barre socks or bare feet recommended. Sign up for a class now!

Basic Flow

Category: Flow | Duration: 23 minutes | Calories: 100-200 | Yoga Level: Beginner to All | Heat Level: No Heat 

  • Intensity 45%

Enjoy creative Hatha flows to soothing tunes as you flow your way into a euphoric state of mind, body and soul connection. The pace of the class is slower to give you a good understanding of the postures.  The emphasis is on basic poses and breathing correctly which will help you establish a solid foundation. Sign up for a class now!

Yin Yoga (Non-heated)

Category: Meditative | Duration: 23 minutes | Calories: 50-100 | Yoga Level: All | Heat Level: No Heat

  • Intensity 0%

This non-heated class is soothing, relaxing and revitalizing. An effective and a fast way to increase flexibility. Sign up for a class now!


Category: Cardio | Duration: 23 minutes | Calories: 600-800 | Yoga Level: Beginner to All | Heat Level: Intermediate | Temp: 95˚ with 35% humidity

  • Intensity 100%

Come see what you’re really made of as we help you get tone and lean with a full body workout in a warm environment set to body rocking tunes!  Sculpt combines yoga postures to warm and cool the body with body weight and free weight exercises in between. You will earn your cheat days in this class! Sign up for a class now!

Strengthen & Lengthen

Category: Hot | Duration: 23 minutes | Calories: 450-600 | Yoga Level: All | Heat Level: Intermediate to Advanced | Temp: 110˚ with 50% humidity

  • Intensity 90%

This class is a combination of powerful holds and deep stretches that demand your focus and challenge you to explore the depths of your physical body and mental stamina.  Our hottest class, designed to warm your muscles quickly and keep them safe as you play with your edge between holding balance and increasing flexibility. Strengthen & Lengthen will build muscles you didn’t know you had leading to better posture, stronger joints, and an overall increased feeling of vitality! Sign up for a class now!

Power Flow

Category: Flow | Duration: 23 minutes | Calories: 450-600 | Yoga Level: Intermediate to Advanced | Heat Level: Intermediate to Advanced | Temp: 105˚ with 45% humidity

  • Intensity 85%

This teacher inspired flow is intended to challenge you physically and mentally.  With unique sequences that bring variety and personality to the class it is sure to leave you feeling worked and refreshed; all in one invigorating music and sweat filled hour!  You will gain flexibility, increase stamina, and build functional strength with each trip to your mat. Sign up for a class now!