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Trainers? All members are eligible to train, or be trained by other members, without having to pay floor fees or percentages to the Haus. Bring your clients to the Haus and focus on your training without the hassle of overhead


Clients? Pick your trainer, work directly with them, and train when and how you want


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tori brillantes

Wellness/Fitness Influencer, Helping women 40+, Been there, done that!

Changing Mindset with Movement

It’s what I do, here for you!

I: @brilliantbodyandmind

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Becky MacBain

in addition to traditional hatha and vinyasa, I am certified and teach Active Stretch, Yoga Therapeutics, Yoga for the Back, and Trauma Conscious Yoga for Veterans


I: @beckymacbain


Andrew jacobs

More info coming soon..


Kyle valery


Kyle is a San Diego-based personal trainer with over 20 years of personal and professional experience. Finding himself inspired by high-performing individuals, and striving for the very best himself, he founded the Active Executive to help people implement healthy habits that lead to lasting change.

C: 619.361.7614 E: I: @active_executive


Andrew thomsen

I am a seasoned personal trainer with a fitness background in bodybuilding, endurance training, sports and martial arts. I’ve been active my whole life, but began my fitness journey in bodybuilding at the age of 15 years old when I made a total body transformation. As a personal trainer, I’ve helped clients of all ages and fitness levels lose weight, lean and tone, build lean muscle and improve strength and conditioning.

C: 858.888.2747